Sunday, 12 January 2014

What Katie Did Lingerie

If you are not familiar with What Katie Did - you need it in your life! Anything from What Katie Did will have you feeling timelessly sexy and elegant (and a little bit naughty…).

From its faux vintage fully fashioned stockings and bullet bras to corsets and cosmetics, it has everything I personally need to turn me into the vintage vixen living in my head who only comes out when the children have gone to their Dad's and I have the time to pamper! I feel the need to secretly remove my ‘Josephine’ set occasionally just to remind myself that at some point I will be a woman, even if my other half will not appreciate my high waisted leopard print suspender belt even slightly (2 things that terrify him in equal measure.. ‘high waisted=paunch, leopard print=Bet Lynch) - even so it makes me feel good and he hates almost every piece of my clothing anyway so, sucks for him!

I guess what I'm saying is that I have weird taste in clothing (very weird…oh but not as weird as Helena Bonham Carter, he would definitely leave me!) but as long as I have fabulous undies underneath that floral blouse I  found in Scope I'm good to go and so should you be. Go buy that top-hat you've always fancied wearing on the high-street, or those dungarees (ok so even I wouldn't go that far…) but make sure you pop to What Katie Did first to make sure you have some truly beautiful undies underneath!

Have you tried What Katie Did for underwear? What did you think?

Katy x

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