Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Limecrime Clueless Witch Velvetine in Salem

Probably my new favourite colour, definitely need to get myself the black now! Velvetines haven't let me down yet. They go on so easily, it's super easy to get a good line without a liner, and you can change your lip shape with no trouble to! They can't be matched on staying power, literally all night, but if you are a bit over zealous with that burger and need to re-apply, you can, and it doesn't make your lipstick crack or flake. Kiss proof, touch proof (almost) burger proof...perfect...

Check out Limecrime here.

I keep going on about it! Have you tried it yet?!

Katy x


  1. This colour actually looks really good!

    1. It definitely requires me to wear a little more bronzer (unless I'm going for a super pale look...) but I was surprised at how easy it is to wear, which is why I now need the black :0)