Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Eye bags, haircare and skin tryouts

H2K of Harrogate hydrating hair conditioner and conditioning shampoo

Loved this stuff, my hair felt smoother and softer and it didn't make it greasy at the roots, purrfect.

Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer under eye patches

An absute saviour, I need more of these immediately, they sit underneath your eyes and feel incredibly refreshing whilst actually doing their job! Bonus!

Nip + Fab spot fix

If you get breakouts...get this, nothing I've tried before has worked as well as this product. Pop it on your spotty bits and voila, pimple be gone (or at least reduced considerably, if you have a whopper...)

Monu illuminating primer

I'm not usually a primer fan, but have fallen a little bit in love with this. It keeps my foundation in place, has SPF and smoothes my skin, what more could you need?!

Premae Skincare harmony moisturising smoothie serum

Soft, smoothe skin with no irritation? Cruelty free and vegan? Sweet smelling, 100% natural lemongrass oil type of product? Can be used as a primer, or as a bb cream when mixed with foundation?! Could this company give you more?! Love...This...

Click on the name to go to their website...

Have you found any amazing new products recently? Tell meeee :0) please

Katy xx


  1. Hi dear, this is a great post and you have a lovely blog, I hope we can follow each other, if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN please let me know so I can follow you back.

    1. Followed :0) always good to be introduced to a new blog, love yours! X

  2. Cute post... I love the idea of those eye bag slayers :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie