Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Topshop VS Limecrime

If you've read my previous posts you will know how much I'm in love with Limecrime Velvetines. I recently had a makeup tutorial with the lovely ladies at Benefit and they mentioned that Topshop did a dupe of Limecrime! Obviously I ran full pelt straight to Topshop and bought the one recommended and two others for good measure. Here is a super quick review...

Left to right: Topshop Lip Paint in Tallulah
Topshop Velvet Lips in Plush
Topshop Gloss Ink in Cruel
Limecrime Velvetine in Red Velvet
Limecrime Velvetine in Pink Velvet

Limecrime Velvetine red velvet, my favourite, possibly the most perfect lip product ever... read full review here.

Topshop Velvet Lips in Plush. This was the one that was recommended as a dupe. Similarities are that it 'dries' matt...that's it... I wish I liked this product! The colour is awesome, but it's soooo hard to get even coverage! When it's on you can feel it on your lips and when you smile it kinda cracks. It makes my lips feel dry and if you put your lips together the colour transfers in odd ways making you look like when you were a toddler and stole your mum's lippy... so basically as long as you put it on, don't talk, don't smile and don't eat, you'll be fine.

Limecrime Velvetines in Pink velvet, buy it, it's amazeballs. Full review here.

Topshop Gloss Ink in Cruel, I'm not usually a fan of gloss but I LOVE this! The colour is great, really good pigmentation, it is sticky but not so much as to be irritating. It's reasonably easy to get even coverage and the wand makes shaping super simple. All in all for a non-gloss fan I'd give this 7/10! Go try it!

This is possibly the closest to the Limecrime in that it has strong pigmentation and a very similar colour. It is still more like a gloss, it doesn't dry matt, or dry at all really but it's not sticky or heavy. There isn't a massive price tag so I think this may be my new go to daily lippy! 8/10 from me!

I'm sad I haven't found a good Limecrime dupe but I'm excited to have found some new favourite glosses :0)

Have you tried any of these? Do you know of any Limecrime like lip stains?

Katy xx

Buy Limecrime here
Buy Topshop here

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