Monday, 3 March 2014

Lush Gorilla Perfume

My first blogging beauty event! First of all, massive thankyou to Heather and Ryan (and Luke!) for arranging and leading the evening, you guys were pro hosts (the tea and chocolate helped to :0) !) I also super enjoyed meeting other bloggers and hearing about their blogs. 

The evening was all about Gorilla perfume, which I had never smelled before, complete newbie.  I think the most interesting scent was The Bug. The main scent I get from The Bug is sandalwood but it also contains Labdanum, which causes a chemical reaction that compels you to smell it again! What's more, is that you get a different smell everytime... crazy but true, literally spent the car journey home sniffing various body own body parts, in case you were wondering.

My friend and i ended up being polar opposites on the perfume, it's amazing how different the perfumes are on different skin! You have to try them, let them settle, then sniff yourself again! Seriously, go into Lush and delight the staff by using there incredible knowledge to help pick your fave!

My favourite scents ended up be Lust, Breath of God and Sikim Girls.

There is a fab collection of mothers day and Easter gifts at Lush at the mo, (even if buying for ones self).  Suiting all budgets, you have everything from massage bars to 'mumkins' :0) 

The fab goodie bag we received! Thank you Lush, this will be on me, maybe all at final decisions have been made.

Favourite Lush products/perfumes? Things I should try?

Katy xx


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with Lush products. My favorite bath bomb is Phoenix Rising -- the perfect aroma of apple cinnamon.

    1. I've not tried that one! Dragons egg is the one I go to, streamers glitter AND popping candy :0)