Wednesday, 12 March 2014

London 'fashion' weekend?

London Fashion Weekend seems like an age ago now so I'm only going to do a quick run through and a mini (just for fun...) competition at the end :0) I saw  THE OUTNET show, here are some highlights...

Flower Power (pretty self explanatory, no?)

Lace Embrace (surely you don't need this one explaining either...)

Precious Metals (shiny stuff...)

Good Sport (translated = it's ok to wear trainers now)

This was my favourite outfit, it moved beautifully as this gorgeous model sashayed down the catwalk, the shape is super flattering and I love the belt detail.

On that note, what is this jacket? It looks suspiciously like the one I'm wearing in the photos below, and that wasn't a fashionable move by me...

I will give my...respect and whole hearted firm invisible handshake to all those who know who I am in this picture... GO

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