Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The BEST lip stain and liquid my opinion

My new Limecrime Pink Velvet Velvetine is here! I love this stuff so much, the colour, pigment and ease of application are beyond perfect and it stays on throughout the day. They are bringing out the Clueless Witch collection in March and I literally can't wait! More Velvetines to add to my stash! Blackmilk Clothing are also bringing out a new collection in March...Game of Thrones!!!! It's gonna be an expensive month for me for sure...

This eyeliner can't be matched for staying power... Gosh used to do pretty much the exact same product and when they suddenly discontinued it I was mortified! This liner doesn't budge, even after I've washed my face, the black line on my eyelids often has to be separately removed with cleanser. When I test an eyeliner in a shop I put a line on my hand, let it dry and then lick my finger and try to remove the line... Seventeen Tattoo Me Liquid Eyeliner doesn't budge! I was so upset when Gosh discontinued their version that I sent them a few emails asking what I was meant to do now at all of my rainy British festivals! They didn't reply...and I now buy one of these every time I go into Boots! (Lesson learned...)

You can buy Limecrime here.

Have you tried Limecrime yet? Do you have a favourite liquid eyeliner?

Katy xx

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