Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blackmilk clothing and Zebras?

I bought this today :0) this has made me super happy! I have been lusting after it for what seems like ages and at Christmas a certain someone gave me a Blackmilk voucher, so the time was now!

I already have quite a stash of  Blackmilk Clothing, these are a few items I have in my ever expanding collection.

The Lord of the Rings leggings get a HUGE amount of attention, they're pretty geeky, and they make your butt look great... I love that I can wear any of the leggings in the day or night, just stick on some chunky heels and a leather jacket/blazer then you're good to go! This will be my first skater skirt from Blackmilk so I hope it doesn't take too long to arrive, I might burst! It is an Australian company and the skirt I've gone for is made to order. (Only an extra seven days) 
The clothing always fits amazingly, I love that you don't see a whole heap of other people wearing it to. It's like a secret club, you know it when you see it and you have to sidestep up to the other blackmilk groupie to show your appreciation! 
You know those girls who wear leggings and a short top, but don't realise that you can see what brand their undies are because of the fabric stretch? Yeah, Blackmilk leggings don't do that...bonus.

If all goes well, this will be my next purchase me thinks, loving velvet right now!

Lastly, whilst pootling around today, me and my bff found a top with Zebras on,  to which she said 'look, that tops got Zeebras on...''s a Zebra...

Do you own any Blackmilk Clothing? Do you say Zebra or Zeebra?!

Katy xx

You can find Blackmilk Clothing here

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