Saturday, 22 February 2014

Limp Bizkit, Models Own Banana Split and Smelly Boys...

So this douchebag took me to see Limp Bizkit and Crossfaith last night, probably should be a guilty pleasure but I'm not ashamed, they're always rad! I've seen both bands a few times now and Limp Bizkit didn't disappoint, with Guns 'n' Roses and Nirvana covers, a ukulele and Wes Borland wearing Hawaiian flowers and a posing pouch...yup. Fred Durst also threw a shoe... Crossfaith were as awesome as usual, if you haven't listened to them, you're missing out! Check out Monolith here and their cover of Prodigys Omen here, and then get ready to throw yourself into a mosh pit... The annoying lady behind me kept shouting about how smelly all the boys were, and telling everyone that passed to wear deodorant... It might be that being 5ft2 has made me immune to man stench, or at least tolerable, as at all gigs/festivals I seem to be at perfect armpit level, but seriously? You're at a nu metal gig! Did you think everyone would be clean, fresh and shaven? Why are you here?

Tried this t'other day. Loving the scratch 'n' sniff, totally smells like banana! Awesome colour (yellow can sometimes just look like you smoke 60/day...) but alas again, it lasted a day, I think I just suck at nails.

Have u tried Models Own? Do you have a guilty pleasure band? (I have another serious guilty pleasure band that I'm sure I'll share at some point!)

Katy xx

London Fashion Weekend tomorrow!! Wooooooo! :0)

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