Monday, 10 February 2014

My favourite EVO products

I use Evo on a daily basis, if not at work I use it on my own hair at home.

My all time favourite product of theirs is the Haze. There are many similar products out there, but of all I've tried, this is by far the very very best! It doesn't feel sticky, it gives volume to the roots and texture to the ends. If your hair drops for any reason a quick rub totally re-works the product giving you instant volume and texture in one step. I love that this is the easiest product to use, ever! Literally you just sprinkle it into your hair like a salt shaker and rub in...Done! See...idiotproof hairstyling.

Evo colour intensifying conditioner is your answer to the fade between salon visits! Blonde got a little brassy? Red more pinky/copper right now? This is what needs to be in your bathroom, it is your saviour. Not only does it give you back your colour confidence, it tones, adds heaps of shine, moisturizes and makes the general public jealous... It is available for blondes brunettes reds AND coppers, all you gotta do is wash your hair, towel dry it, spread it, wait three mins then wash off! Easy as pie, but wear gloves, it can make you look like you've been kneading beetroot...

Icon welder, hot tool shaper. In the salon I use this before curling/hot rollers/straightening, actually before any process involving heat...cause that's what it's for! Totally protects your hair from heat and humidity whilst also holding in place. I use this sprayed on each section as I GHD curl (great tutorial here). When the curls are brushed out they retain their shape better and for longer. Used with the Haze in the roots as well you have a solid base for a hair up or plenty of volume and hold for your curls.

If you have curly/wavy/colour treated/bleached hair end doctor will change your life (in so much as you will have more time because less of it will be spent fighting with your mop). Can't express how much of a difference this product makes. It seals your cuticle and makes split ends vanish making your hair more manageable, less frizzy and just awesome. All you have to do is put it in mid lengths to ends and leave it! Easy. I forgot to take a before picture but this lovely ladies hair is coloured, bleached curly and prone to frizz, the picture below is after a quick dry off...not straightened...amazing.

Gluttony volume shampoo and conditioner. I think this is one of the hardest shampoos to get right, fine hair can be a bummer, but not with gluttony! The shampoo gently cleanses and adds volume whilst the conditioner literally makes your hair feel bigger, but isn't heavy (it's like the book of answers for fine hair havers...) Does give you volume and manageability... Doesn't weigh down your locks. Perfect.
 Weak, bleached, breaking hair? You need mane prescription protein treatment. I do it all the time, one minute I'm blonde, then blue, then red, back to blonde, and every time I change colour I'm totally damaging my hair. This treatment used at least once a week seriously strengthens! The more it goes on, the stronger your hair gets (don't leave it on ALL  the time, that's just silly). Not only does it strengthen, it prevents fading and breakage. Just slap it on wet hair, shave your legs (or just do nothing for 3-5 minutes, but that seems like bad time management?)  Then Rinse Off!

Last of all, Evo products are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free. All packaging is fully recyclable, damaged stock is given to charity or homeless shelters and none of the products are tested on animals.

I hope this at least a little helpful? Let me know your thoughts on Evo? If you wanna try any products, we always encourage our guests to test them out at lkhair, and it would be lovely to see you, we also have great coffee :0)

Katy xx


  1. Shelley showed me your blog! Haze powder sounds (and looks) amazing! Def need to give that one a go. In fact all of the products sound fab and I like the packaging! haha

    ​​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. I love the Evo packaging, it makes me chuckle :0) xx