Friday, 7 February 2014

Eyelash extensions & Coconut ice

I LOVE eyelash extensions. I'm lucky enough to have reasonably long eyelashes naturally but I would still have lash extensions constantly if I could afford to! 
These are the extensions we offer at lkhair, check out the website for pricing. When I'm feeling particularly poor I only have a quick half an hour application, but this is plenty for me! The above picture is about an hours worth (each one individually applied). Once they are on I hardly even notice them, they are comfortable and reasonably soft, only word of warning would be if you wear glasses it's probably best not to go too long as you won't get them on!
I wear a liquid liner on my top  lid almost everyday and they seem pretty resistant to th No7 cleanser I use, although your technician will advise you on what's best, avoid oils is the main thing.
Paula Elvey is undoubtedly the best eyelash (and HD brow) technician I've used to date and is well worth a visit!

Almost forgot about the coconut ice! Every time I have my lashes or brows done I make Paula her favourite...old school coconut ice ! She says it's totally better than the shops! Not that I'm encouraging everyone to make her sweet treats when you visit, she'd be an elephant...

I also ordered more limecrime makeup from the velvetine range today in Pink velvet...super excited to receive it! 

Have you tried eyelash extensions? What were your experiences? Have you ever made coconut ice?!

Katy xx

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