Monday, 17 February 2014

Red Lipstick Red Lipstick Red Lipstick

It's no secret that I love red lipstick, I do have some purples and pinks but I always revert back to red. After a little clear out I've realised how many I own, most are super similar in colour to! My fave in the group is the limecrime and my least fave is the apocalips. I thought I'd do a mini review on each. Here goes!

Left to right...

Brand-Topshop Lips

One of my favourites!  Generally my go to lippy, always in my handbag, easy to go on, easy to re-apply and stays on well.

Colour-Red Velvet

All time favourite!  Goes on impeccably,  doesn't transfer to teeth, is a stain so it lasts and lasts. Goes from liquid to Matt. Even though it's a stain you don't need to use a lip gloss/moisturiser afterwards as it doesn't dry out your lips. You also don't need to use a lip liner as the brush is so defining.  It is ALSO completely animal friendly and vegan! What more could you ask for?! If you haven't tried the limecrime range, get thee to immediately!

Brand-Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate
Colour-Rossetto 107

Another go to lipstick. Only realised i had two when i started this post! Thought i was really clever always taking it from the car and having it in my pocket, when in actual fact i just had one in each...duh. Colour stays well, re-applies well and doesn't dry out your lips. Like the pigment in this one particularly. 

Brand-Christian Dior Diorific
Colour- Rose Abracadabra 003

It's a goodun, i've had better and worse, i think for the amount it costs you can probably get a better pigment and coverage. It could be more appropriately priced, and then i would be more inclined to buy it again. As it is, this is my spare spare...disappointing. 

Brand-Seventeen Stay Pout

Love this one. Much the same as the Rimmel lasting finish. Good coverage, pigment and lasting power. I have this in a few colours and none of them disappoint! Unlike mini kinder eggs...there's no tiny toy inside...

Brand-Royal Effem
Colour-Rosso Labbra 021

I think a friend gave this to me, probably because its sticky and generally goes all over your teeth.Cheers 'friend'.

Brand-Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hr Cololr
Colour-Cherry Pie 542

Haven't used this for ages. Good points are the pigment and durability. I'm not a fan of faffing about and i find when applied, i then have to wait for ages with a silly face whilst it dries. Then after that you have to apply the moisturising end (which i always run out of first!) and once you eat or drink it tends to flake. The limecrime is a better version of the same type of thing. Did i mention i love limecrime...

Brand-Seventeen Lasting Finish

I forgot i own this but another one that at some point must have been a handbag favourite! Now i prefer the Seventeen Stay Pout or Topshop.

Brand-L'Oreal Color Riche
Colour-Cassis Passion 376

I'm not keen on this shade but the lipstick itself is ok. It doesn't have great lasting power and is a little slimy? (can't think of a better word!) 

Brand-Barry M

Not true to pigment, doesn't stay well and i generally don't like it, i don't know why i still have it!

Brand-Rimmel Apocalips
Colour-Big Bang

The name of the colour is the only thing i like about this lipstick. I find it heavy and sticky, it comes off on my teeth and it smells funny. 

I would like to try the Lush lipsticks, has anyone tried them? They are more expensive, for good reason in my opinion, but are they worth it?

Katy xx

As you can see my top 5 are all pretty similar! Top left is the Limecrime you can definitely see the difference!

Have you tried it?


  1. Ah what a great post. I like red lipstick too but I cant always pull it off- so I just admire those who can :)

    1. I'm trying to expand into neutrals atm, any advice welcome :0)

  2. Oh no such a shame about the Dior.. the packaging is amazing! xx

    Gemma //

    1. I know right?! I'm just completely sold on Limecrime, Topshop and Rimmel right now, can't wait for my Limecrime pink-velvet to arrive!

      Katy x

  3. love red lipsticks! great post :)

  4. I really want to try the Limecrime lipstick now! Grrr. You are going to want to make me spend lots of money now you are blogging! Love you xxxxx

    1. Loves you to and you NEED Limecrime! Also the new clueless witch collection comes out in March! Xxxx

  5. I love the 17 Stay Pout Lipstciks they are amazing!